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Evalyn Jaymes: Our Story

Evalyn Jaymes : Our Story      For as long as I can remember I had a passion for fashion and finding my own style.  As I became an adult I dreamed of becoming a boutique owner.  Helping women find their style and passion for feeling beautiful no matter what their size.  I was a working mom in the corporate world constantly answering to clients and losing sight of ever living out my passion.  Labor Day Weekend 2015 we were living in a small town in Florida when my husband was laid off from his job of five years.  I remember looking at him and saying, "I don't want to move."  I had this gut feeling our lives were about...

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Say Yes to Which Dress??

GIVEAWAY One of our favorite things to do is shop for you!  Finding adorable clothes that are comfortable without compromising style to make you and your little one happy brings us so much joy.  Bringing you unique selections that are popular in South Korea and Europe here to Austin, TX and beyond!  This week we have come across a dress and just cannot seem to make up our minds!  Not only is this dress perfectly adorable, but it comes in a beautiful Floral Pink or a Classic Navy.  Help us choose and you could win the dress of your choice in your little one's size by casting your vote on our Instagram or Facebook Page!  Floral Pink   Classic Navy...

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