Evalyn Jaymes: Our Story

Evalyn Jaymes : Our Story

     For as long as I can remember I had a passion for fashion and finding my own style.  As I became an adult I dreamed of becoming a boutique owner.  Helping women find their style and passion for feeling beautiful no matter what their size.  I was a working mom in the corporate world constantly answering to clients and losing sight of ever living out my passion.  Labor Day Weekend 2015 we were living in a small town in Florida when my husband was laid off from his job of five years.  I remember looking at him and saying, "I don't want to move."  I had this gut feeling our lives were about to change. 

     Within a few weeks he interviewed with a company in Austin, TX and the CEO of the company I worked for offered me the opportunity to open the market in Austin.  I honestly was so torn as we had such a wonderful life by the ocean and were surrounded by great friends.  Being a mother of three and in my early thirties I just did not want to start over, but with all signs pointing to Austin we took a giant leap of faith.  

     We stepped into a new life here with new jobs and took off.  My children were growing so quickly and I was quickly realizing I was missing too much.  Then my health took a turn for the worst in November 2016.  I was in the hospital for severe pain in my lower abdomen and no answers.  It continued through April of 2017 and I had spent plenty of time in emergency rooms when I was finally placed with a doctor who could assist.  I had been suffering from endometriosis pain and after several trials on different medications I often found myself calling out of work and laying in pain for days waiting for it to pass.  It was effecting all aspects of my life and with three healthy children we (my doctor, husband, and I) decided it was best to have a hysterectomy.  Having that hysterectomy allowed me to take 6 weeks off work to heal and to spend time slowing down, praying, and connecting with God.  Four days before I was to return to work I attended a women's night at church.  That night changed EVERYTHING!

    Our Lead Pastor, Dana Malouff, had an eye-opening message.  She spoke of Rahab and her trials and how she "took a leap of faith and put it to action".  This was the prayer I had prayed, but how?  How do I give up a six figure job and just take a leap of faith?  God I give it to you!  That night I gave it all to him.  The next morning I ended up picking up an adorable sweater from a neighbor who was selling on our local buy and sell site.  I loved it and she welcomed me into her home to see her other items.  She had several sweaters, leggings, shirts, all unique but made with quality fabric and stitching.  I loved it all!  I told her how I dreamed of becoming a boutique owner but could not find a wholesaler I loved.  Others had suggested Matilda Jane, Lularoe; both amazing companies, but not what I was looking for.  She shared with me how her and her husband had designed a balance bike that was now selling worldwide and how she used to run an online children's boutique but no longer had the time to focus on it.  She offered me the greatest gift.  

     Months before this message was shared at church I had made a shift and being a mom who loved fashion had decided that when I did finally chase my dreams I would open a children's boutique.  Finding comfortable clothing without compromising style was always a goal for not only my daughter, but both of my boys as well.  I was constantly mixing pieces from an array of children's retailers to complete my kid's unique style and now was the time for me to find and help other families do the same.  Within 24 hours of telling God I was in he made my ultimate dream come true.  I was introduced to a wholesaler in South Korea and given a start to Evalyn Jaymes.  I took $1500 from that month's commission check and ordered my first inventory for what would soon be Evalyn Jaymes.  I went back to work and started setting up on weekends at a local winery.  After 2 weeks I had sold out of my first order and was motivated to do more!  My corporate job was amazing and encouraged me to chase my dreams and even set me up with our marketing department to get more training for my new venture.  I had the support of my husband, friends and co-workers and was finally ready to live out my passion and spend more time being present in my children's lives. 

      Evie (Evalyn Jaymes) was about to turn four and this was the last chance I was going to get to stay at home and spend time with one of my children before school started.  I left corporate America in May 2018 and spent the summer building the business and having fun with all three of my kids.   Evie is the light behind our small business helping us pick things that other kids will love.  We have spent this year learning by trial and error, slowing down when life throws us curveballs, being patient with what is coming next, and learning to expect the unexpected.  This business is currently still in the growing and learning phase, but I would not trade these moments.  There are struggles, but there are more laughs, hugs, and community.  We have met so many supportive mamas, customers, and friends.  

     Thank you to all our followers, customers, family and friends!  When you support a small business you make a mom, dad, family sparkle and you truly bless our day! 

All The Love,

Tiffany & Evie