PRE-ORDER Sleepwear!

    Sweet dreams and cozy cuddles deserve the softest sleepwear.  With our Holiday Pajamas being re-ordered three times, we decided to switch it up and offer you a pre-order option for our spring-line of pajamas.  We will be offering sizes 6-9 months - 8/9 years and depending on brand will either be 100% organic cotton or cotton polyurethane blend.  
    As an adult I do not exactly have the style card of a 4 or 7 year old and may not know what is "cool" according to Evalyn Jaymes.  She is quick to pipe in with what is "cute", "cool", or "No Thank You" when helping to choose the best options for our customers!    This time we let her do all the choosing and we just sat back.  We did guide her on size parameters to bring you baby, little kid, and big kid options, but these are her picks!  See your options below and let us know if you would like to pre-order your Evalyn Jaymes set today!  All pre-orders will ship in 2-3 weeks and this pre-order closes Monday January 21st!  


$45 Sleeping Mouse Romper
Add-on the matching bonnet for $15
Sleeping Mouse Romper with Bonnet
    We were truly surprised by Evie's first pick of the "Sleeping Mouse Romper".  Our little girl has always been a true pink girl!  This adorable romper is made with 100% cotton and features the sweetest sleeping mouse on front with button snaps from collar to ankle.  Available in sizes 70 (0-6mo) and 80 (5-10mo).  
$45 Squirrel Romper
Add-on the matching bonnet for $15
Squirrel Romper
     The "Squirrel Romper" is probably one of the cutest sets we have yet to offer for baby boys.  Featuring an easy to snap up front and the most adorable squirrel tail on back. This piece will honestly work for either boys or girls!  Available in sizes 70 (0-6mo) and 80 (5-10mo).   

Little Kids

$40 Panda Sleepwear
Material: Cotton & Polyurethane 
Panda Sleepwear
     Pink or Red Bean, you choose your color!  Introducing a new brand Kokacharm these items are made by a Finland artist, Hanna Konola, and brings a simple yet eloquent style to your nighttime routine.  Evalyn, aka Evie, just loved these sweet panda faces!  She also said she and her brother could wear them and that was her favorite part!  Available in sizes 90 (24mo) | 100 (36mo) | 110 (4-5yr) | 120 (6-7yr) | 130 (7-8yr) | 140 (8-9yr) | 150 (9-10yr).  

Big Kids

$25 Cookie Dive Sleepwear
Cookie Dive Sleepwear
     Milk and cookies at bedtime!  Your little one is sure to have the SWEETEST dreams wearing these pajamas!  Bringing back a favorite sleepy time brand; Puco, enjoy dipping your kids right into story time and bed with these pajamas made of 100% cotton!  I'm a bit worried once these come in Evie will never take them off!  A day running errands in these is sure to be in my future. 
Head to our website tomorrow to get first dibs on these!  Don't wait as this pre-order ends on Monday!  We cannot wait to see which ones were your favorite!