When a passion for art and maternal instinct came together, Popelin, a children’s clothing brand for babies and children aged 0 to 12 years, was born. Towards late 2013, inspired by her love for her children, Carmela and Julieta, and her experience in the arts, Cristina Sánchez decided to set up this exclusive collections company which works with 100% made-in-Spain textiles and manufacturing. Each collection is unique and created based on an idea, a concept … they get our inspiration from the past and create items of clothing which are suitable for modern day living. This is why each and every one of their designs has the vintage air which is their trademark. Each design is handled in the workshop as if it were a piece of artwork and every last detail is taken into account – the color combinations, the textures and the natural feel of the textiles. They ensure that the designs are made using natural textiles such as cotton and linen so that they are as comfortable as possible for children.
The process is an artistic one from start to finish, from the moment when the idea and the concept for the collection is born. It is studied, it is analysed and then creation begins. 
Popelin is committed to human rights and against child labour- true to fair trade and sustainable production and it is for this reason that their textiles and manufacturing process are 100% Spanish.

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